Staying up to date with the market is not difficult if you want to. All you need to do is go to Bloomberg or the Financial Times and you will find more information in an hour than that you can digest in a day. Shoreline believes that investing is not about looking back at the past and trying to explain what happened and why. First of all we cannot change the past and more importantly we cannot expect the past to repeat itself in the future.

We can change the future by our actions today and Shoreline believes that by selecting the right sectors and geographical locations for investment we can positively change the future of our clients.

Business is not complicated and so is investing. It is people that complicate business and investing. Shoreline tries to invest in areas where we believe future growth is most likely to materialize. This can involve investing in areas that are not popular today, however by following only popular ideas you will not make returns on the long-term. We try to get involved in assets and sectors whilst they are cheap and when nobody pays attention to them. As long as there is a strong case for future growth you will find that you end up holding very popular assets.

Shoreline likes to invest for income and invest for the long term. Investing for quick gains by making rapid transactions more often than not results in losses. We encourage people to ignore the short term everyday noise from the markets and keep their eyes firmly focused at the future.

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