Tax efficient investing

May 13, 2015 / Investment Ideas

People are more mobile than ever before in history. Many people become an expatriate when they decide to move to another country for work, to be with their family or simply because they wish to live in a better climate. Whereas in the past it was unusual to hold assets outside of your native country today it is much more common.

What are the benefits of investing and banking internationally? First of all it opens up opportunities for smart individuals to pursue the most efficient solutions based on their personal circumstances. Secondly it keeps your options open for the future.

Efficient solutions today:

When you select the Isle of Man or Guernsey as a base for your investments you chose stability and tax efficiency. Stability because the local legislation strongly supports the international finance industry on the islands.

Because the assets inside the insurance wrapper are technically owned by the insurance company any gains inside the insurance policy only result in an increase of the insurance value. This is not considered as a direct capital gain to the individual policy holder in most countries. Any capital gains and dividend income earned within the policy are exempt from local tax. This allows for accumulation of wealth inside the insurance policy without deduction of capital gain tax.

A world of opportunity for tomorrow:

The benefit of having your wealth based in the Isle of Man or Guernsey should not be underestimated. First of all most people will never become an Isle of Man or Guernsey resident and thus they can keep the tax-efficient status of the policy for as long as they wish. Secondly they can control how, where and when they receive income from the policy. This small detail gives huge planning possibilities as today nobody can be certain where they will live in the future, what rules will be in force in that destination and what the most efficient way of receiving your income will be. One thing is for sure though, until you know where you want to live and what the rules are of that destination, keeping your assets under your personal control, in a tax free environment and completely flexible gives you options most people can only dream about.

Shoreline helps you to manage your international saving plan and puts you back in control of your future. The secure international location means that you can contribute no matter where you work or move to during your career. Each plan is flexible, so you can adjust your contributions easily and even take out some capital, if needed.

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