In this section you will see why Shoreline is different and only interested in true long-term relationships with our clients. Today many people prefer to do their homework online at a time convenient for them. When you are investigating a common product or service you will be able to find many sources of information online. This will help you to inform yourself an get a clear opinion on which product is most suitable for you.

However the international investment market place is more scattered and more diversified meaning the supply of quality information is limited. Very often the only source of information will be your adviser, the provider’s website or a brochure. It is unlikely that the product brochure, the provider’s website or the adviser will give you an unbiased advice and can explain why he or she recommends exactly that product. You may not even be aware of the fact that there are multiple providers available in the market.

Each product will have advantages and disadvantages and intimate knowledge of the product’s characteristics is required in order to determine which product suits you best. Sales brochures only focus on the advantages of the products. To get the complete picture you will need to read the terms and conditions. However these are written by lawyers in highly technical English meaning not everybody is clear on the often simple rules and expectations involved.

Shoreline changes this and puts your interest first by providing a clear description of each product’s advantages as well as disadvantages, compares the available products in the market place on a wide range of factors other than just standard performance and costs so that you can make a well-educated decision on which plan suits you best.

In the knowledge centre we not only explain in detail the basic investment principles we also explain in clear language other aspects of the investment process. For instance you should probably understand in which part of the financial lifecycle you are, what your risk-tolerance is and maybe you always wondered about stocks, bonds and structured notes, but never dared to ask. Here you will find practical answers to your questions.

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