Shoreline has a wide range of solutions available to suit every investor no matter at what stage of the financial life cycle he is in. The solutions section will take you on a logical tour of the available services ranging from protection products such as medical and life insurance down to investment products designed to help you plan for your children’s education fees, your personal retirement or manage your existing capital.

In case you are not currently in the market for a new solution, but would like to get a solution for an existing plan that you have you will also find a wealth of information in this section. We have prepared a FAQ list of questions, regular service related forms to download and handy calculators to help you do some preparatory calculations before your discussion with your adviser or just to check if your current arrangements are still sufficient.

For those policyholders that are not (yet) receiving Shoreline service on their policy this section explains how easy it is to appoint Shoreline as your servicing broker. We look forward to hear from you in any case.

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