Help! My adviser is missing in action.

Shoreline understands that a saving or investment plan has the highest chance of success when there is regular service and advice during the entire life of the plan. Setting up a plan is the easy part. The real work is service and this is what Shoreline specializes in. People lose touch with their original adviser for many reasons. Unfortunately adviser turn-over in the international financial planning industry is relatively high and many clients end up ‘orphaned’.

Without regular service and advice many plans, which were started with good intentions, end up going in the wrong direction. Contributions stop, performance goes down and a great plan turns out to be not such a great plan.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Shoreline believes in the long-term value of saving plans and that the real value is not in the final value of the plan itself, but in you achieving your targets. If you can afford to put your child through university with the help of your saving plan, if you can decide when to retire and how much income you enjoy then you have invested and saved successfully.

If your plan could use a long term partner that sincerely wishes to see you achieve your targets above everything else please contact one of our founders who will be more than happy to ‘adopt’ your plan. We will assess the necessary steps to bring your plan back on track and look after it for you. Read on to find out in more details what we do to make you feel welcome!