Use our personalized cost calculator on 50 universities worldwide

The calculator to the right has been designed to give you answers as quick as possible. No gimmicks, no registrations or ‘give us your contact details and we will tell you’ after you fill out everything. We at Shoreline hate that as much as you do.

In the end you are busy and you don’t want to be told you have a problem, you know that, instead you are here to find a solution and you want to know how much a solution will cost. 

Step 1: Add your child’s name

Step 2: Select a top university from the alphabetical list. The number in brackets is the ranking (0-100)

Step 3: Select the start year of your child’s education which should be at least five years from now

Step 4: Select for how long your child will likely study

Step 5: Push “Calculate monthly rate” to find out how much you should save immediately 

Did you know that delay is very expensive? You can illustrate this by bringing the start year forward by 1 year. This would simulate a delay of just one year. Alternatively, to find out what you could have saved by starting sooner move the start year backwards.

To find out the practical details on how you can put a portable and flexible saving plan in place for your child simply reach out to our founders. In just 30 minutes we can explain you all the details via the phone, Skype or face to face where possible.