Saving account or investment portfolio – no gain no pain?

Several years ago the idea of ‘negative’ interest rates was laughable. Surely that was just some economic ‘theory’ that economists would discuss during their birthday party right? No.

It looks like the race to the bottom has continued and now has officially entered negative territory. Unofficially, if you take into account the increase in the cost of living and the depreciation of currency purchasing power, negative returns already existed for several years.

Would you keep your money in a bank to see its purchasing power erode AND pay the bank for that? You most likely are doing it already. It’s not logical, but since this situation is relatively new most people simply are not aware of any suitable alternatives and/or act out of habit.

International financial planning theory suggests that you should keep one month worth of expenses on an instant access account, three to six months’ worth of expenses in highly liquid low-risk investments and the rest of your capital should be invested with a longer term horizon and generate returns for you.

The question a lot of our clients have is ‘where do I invest?’ and ‘in what do I invest?’ we cannot advice on these questions without understanding your needs so please do tell us more about your situation. We’d love to hear from you.

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