Accurate personal quotes on international medical insurance

March 4, 2017 / Shoreline Solutions

As an expatriate we hope you have your basic necessities, such as life insurance and international medical insurance covered. Most expatriates will join their corporate plan and enjoy medical coverage immediately upon arrival at their new destination.

For expatriates who already enjoy these financial planning basics we recommend looking at the next stages of international financial planning, such as education fee planning for their children’s university education and most importantly personal pension planning.

If you need individual international medical insurance Shoreline can help you obtain a quote quickly and efficiently. Alternatively, as an employer, contact us to secure a quote for international medical insurance for your expatriates. Shoreline’s partners can offer discounted corporate rates from as little as five members of staff.

Some benefits designed to make life easy for you:

  • A global network of more than one million clinics, physicians, and health care specialists
  • Freedom to visit the clinic you feel most comfortable with
  • 24/7 multi-language telephone support provided by medical specialists quickly finds and organizes treatment locally or, if necessary, internationally
  • Direct settlement with the clinic or fast reimbursements in case you pay for treatment directly
  • Plans can be tailored from the minimum ‘just in case I break a leg or need surgery’, to a full package which covers all aspects of your family’s medical needs
  • Strength and safety in numbers – join 60 million satisfied clients around the world

Life is full of surprises, therefore protect yourself and your family with the best international medical cover.  Enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that you are not on your own in case you need help – wherever you are in the world.

Surely such medical insurance comes at a high price right? Not automatically and it may turn out cheaper than you expected. Are you curious about the price? Learn more about what is important and get a free quote in seconds via our website by clicking on the banner or contact Shoreline in case you would like to discuss your needs with a specialist.